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Angels of the Sea
New! Secrets of the Shell
Messenger of Love
Sacred Soul
An Angel to Watch Over Me
Fear Less

"Several years ago, I began to have very lucid dreams with one motif in common.
The dreams became more and more vivid.
Families of wild dolphins beckoned me to follow follow my heart.
... I wanted to be with wild dolphins...Using my photography skills, I created a line of greeting cards and they began to sell. I trained for three months by swimming and treading water for
hours to build-up endurance and strength to keep up with the strong ocean currents and the acrobatics of the dolphins. Each night in meditation, I gave a flower from my heart to the dolphins. By the time I received a call for a cancellation that made it possible for me to go to the Bahamas,
I had sold exactly one thousand cards...exactly what the trip would cost.
The first time I hit the pure crystal aqua water I was surrounded by three wild Atlantic Spotted dolphins. As one of the young males bounced his sonar, I felt a gentle form of electricity flowing through the core of my body, sheer bliss, pure love, ecstasy. There was eye contact like old friends
that have not seen each other for a long time, but have never forgotten.  As we played, two dolphins were gracefully moving the snow white bottom sand with their rostrums. The encounter ended and as I watched their beautiful bodies disappear into the lucid sea I was left dumbfounded by the sight
of a perfect, symmetrical flower that the dolphins had etched into the sand below me. The idea that all of life is connected is such a profound and unknowable concept and in that instance it became known and true. A meditation teacher I studied with told me that dolphins and whales were
teaching humans unconditional love.
I believe that dolphins and whales
are truly
'Angels of the Sea.'"

                                                                            Michele Gold

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