Welcome to
The Fine Art Studio of Michele Gold

Here is my mystical new painting that I am currently creating in my beautiful studio.
It is called "A Swan's Love is Eternal".

This painting illustrates the awakening of the inner marriage of masculine and feminine qualities, that Jung wrote about termed the anima and animus, symbolically represented by the intertwined Swans. The underlying alchemical inspiration illuminates the possibilities as we merge these qualities inside our psyche, instead of projecting outside of our experience, there can be a transformation, a gold that integrates as we individuate and a sustainable light begins to shine from within as we recognize an eternal relationship with our Souls longing, Love for All and Spirit . Extra points if you noticed a feeling of a phoenix rising from the ashes and how that image rises and is inextricably interwoven with the Celtic Heart at the center:)
It is always Love that lifts us, again and again.

Thanks so much for visiting and check back to see how this painting evolves!

If you are interested in this artwork or my other original paintings and giclee's,
please feel free to email


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"Create perfection wherever you go with your awareness. That is why this
      teaching is admired by artists--they sense the correctness of the response to
    life as creative. Life is infinite creative play. Enjoyment and participation
         in this creative play is the artists profound joy. We co-author every moment
                 with universal creativity. "
       Alex Grey

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