Sea Angels
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Inspired by her swimming adventures with dolphins in the Bahamas and having lived among these mystical creatures herself, Michele has truly captured the profound ability of angels and dolphins to "touch" our hearts and fill us with the wonder of the mystery of life.
Like Angels, Michele has learned first hand that "dolphins are the guardians of the human race, lighting the way to peace on earth. They are the messengers of love".
Michele and all forms of nature have always been attracted to each other. It's this connection that translates so emotionally in her richly layered spiritual images that embody a mystical and sacred quality. 
Joan Borysenko, author/healer, in the book's foreword, describes Michele "as a true artist of spirit, an awakener. "
Each painting is also accompanied by her educative, emotional and mythical stories.
It is Michele's hope that through this book everyone can experience the precious nature of dolphins and begin to hear their profound messages of love, laughter and compassion. 
Angels of the Sea,is a full color coffee-table book of 50 exquisite images of dolphins which makes a lovely gift to yourself and your loved ones. 
*Sadly, Angels of the Sea is out of print. However, Angelnet does have a few Rare copies available which Michele has personally HAND-SIGNED!

Angelnet is interviewing publishers or investors, interested in printing a new series of this beautiful book. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Special Limited Edition Hand-signed Giclees
from Angels of the Sea
byMichele Gold
Sea Angels #1 Sea Angels #2
Angel of the Sea   An Angel to Watch Over Me
Sea Angels #3 Sea Angels #4
                             Joy          FearLess

Each beautiful image is available as Limited Edition Giclees, size 16" X 20", signed and numbered by the artist, printed on Satin Stock. Each Giclee is $150.00.

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