by Michele Gold


Books by Michele Gold
AngelsoftheSeabook cover   SEcretsoftheShell   AngelintheWAitingRoom   TheDolphin Story of a Dreamer book cover Gratitude book cover  
Angels of the Sea
  Samantha-A Story of Friendship
  Angel in the Waiting Room
  The Dolphin-Story of a Dreamer
  SamanthaWave Infinitypainting   Crystal   WhaleleappaintingAwakenpainting Nano Fruitful Darkness  
Angels of the Sea-FearLess-Sacred Soul
  The Dolphin -Awaken -Whale Leaping
Fruitful Darkness - NanoTech  

Michele Gold's exquisite award-winning illustrations have been published internationally in many books, magazines, newspapers, CD's, licensed products and web sites. A gorgeous collection of 50 of her paintings and stories can be found in her book "Angels of the Sea" Sacred Dolphin Art of Atlantis.
Also in the delightful best-selling book, "The Dolphin, Story of a Dreamer" written by Sergio Bambarren. Her exceptional ability to translate the warmth and mythological secret story of each project clearly shines through her unique style by combining 8 to 30 translucent layers holding alchemical imagery, resonance, glorious shimmering colors and LOVE!

To contact Michele Gold for Illustration Projects, Licensing :
please email:Michele Gold Illustration