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"Until he extends his circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace."
Albert Schweitzer

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It is time    to embrace our role as guardians of this magnificent planet.
Thank you for choosing to act in a manner that is visionary, worthwhile and infinitely honorable. You can make a profound difference, with just a click:)

URGENT Links!!
**If you love dolphins and whales, click here and do something today!**Visit Sea Sheperd Conservation Society
Your emails, donations, call or letter can make an enormous life-saving difference, Now!

Stop Cruelty and suffering. Help Animals, Help Yourself, Help the Planet- Adopt a Vegan Diet and Lifestyle Today!  Author Erik Marcus has created an amazing  and very important site !

 Have you ever given a pig a belly rub . . . talked to a turkey . . . or kissed a cow? The critters at Farm Sanctuary love visitors . Lorri and Gene Bauston rescue, rehabilitate, and provide life-long care for hundreds of animals. They have established America's premier farm animal shelters and waged effective campaigns to stop farm animal cruelty. Support this incredible organization!

NYC Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund  Contributions to the families of the brave Firefighters lost on Sept. 11th

September 11th Children's Fund Provides for the Children of the families that lost their lives September 11th.

Please help save the rainforests simply by visiting The Rainforest Site and clicking on the "GIVE LAND - FREE" button everyday.

Give food to the hungry every day with a simple click, at no cost to you... Visit today!

The Breast Cancer Site is back and needs your help in funding free mammograms for women in need! Help make early detection possible every day with a simple click, at no cost to you. Visit today!

Join Mary Tyler Moore in this urgent compassionate campaign to end tremendous suffering of beautiful animals.

The pioneer organization, Best Friends no-kill sanctuaries and humane centers, care for 3000 animals daily.

Urgent Links **Frequently asked questions about LFA (Low Frequency Active) sonar:
            What is the impact on marine life exposed to this sonar?
            Visit the Ocean Mammal Institute website at
for more information about LFA and specific actions you can take or

Please visit this important sanctuary for retired medical lab chimpanzees.
Visit beautiful Elephants living free thanks to The Elephant Sanctuary

Meet the beautiful donkeys we have rescued and relocated since 1990 at B.R.R.R.O.

Born Free is helping animals around the world!

"I am Here (on Earth) because I am wonderful.  I am going to help people."
Daisy, Age 8, US
Children's Messages to the World gives you an opportunity to empower children. Founder Cecily Miller  believes that it is through our love for the children that we will  rekindle our kindness and actively take part in recreating a world of peace. Visit this beautiful and worthwhile project. who helps people to quit smoking so that people can live longer, healthier lives and end the harm caused by tobacco to children  and the Freedom From Smoking, who also supports QuitDay's cause to make a world smoke-free ( 

If you want to see some spectacular photography, visit Sheryl Smith's website. She enjoys photographing people and animals, as well as urban and landscape settings. Her father, the late Dr. Allan Smith, was an award-winning photographer, and has passed on his love for photography to his daughter.  Family and friends alike have been subjects of many moments in her camera‚Äôs eye, and she has managed to capture moments that they will never forget.  Sheryl R. Smith's Photography

Gorgeous Harp Music inspired by the Angels by Peter Sterling's  Harp Magic

The Marine Mammal Center  Rescues and treats ill, injured and orphaned marine mammals & returns  them  to the wild

National Breast Cancer Foundation Researches new treatments and programs for women with breast cancer

Project Open Arms Gives Personalized Teddy Bears to children separated from their loved ones

Protect the last flock of precious Rainforest Birds, Lear Macaws in Brazil

Roar Foundation- Shambala Preserve  Tippi Hedren's Animal Reserve which houses/cares for Wild Lions and other precious animals

Second Chance Rescue Rescues mixed-breed puppies and dogs from animal shelters, so that they won't be killed and give them a  much-deserved second chance.

Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program which includes a National Hotline to prevent people from committing suicide

JoJo, a very special wild dolphin needs your help now!

     Dolphin Smiles is Brandon's website he created out of his pure love for dolphins,

Beautiful poetry, inspirational words and stories are all a part of

eal your body, heal the planet, Raw Food expert! Dynamic

     Find your Soulmate

    Fantastic documentary by award-winning director Chris Carson

     Resurrection Angel:A Denton Ward and Monty Crocetti  Mystery!  A brilliant mystery for those who don't like mysteries? True, and a mystery for those who do too!

    This site is incredible crownjewels!

    Amazing video and visionary art by Jean Luc Bozzoli


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