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(S.H) 'The elusive box binds inside this net & cradles a nest of,
(D.E.) broken people who become beautiful when they dance,
(L.J.) alive with insect wings that break the sky in dark hawk circles.
(E.M) This elixir nourishes those who join you today, weaving,
(Leslie) strawberry patch warriors lost in the miasma from the everyday world.
(S.H.) Upward spiral that shines brightly as you float in peace,
(B.F.) awake, blessed that you are exactly where you are,
(A.V.) we are always surrounded by the sound of children's laughter leading to the door of wishes & daydreams to come true,
(seavirgo) & only in the arms of an angel could I smell the sweet fragrance of,
(A.V.) a continuous field of daisies that surround my head with sweet memories,
(Molecule) in a sanctity as pure as the tribe of eternal love, dancing for the happiness of all those on planet, as they too can enjoy the building of a,
(A.V.) new horizon, & explore another dimension of themselves. They enter into a world unimaginable to many, yet familiar to their outer spirit. They climb into the womb of,
(G.P.) another living soul, creating,
(D.R.) their inner child, clinging to the strength of there innocence & beauty,
(V.E.) discovering the voice that echoes in vain,
(B.M)in the mind,
(D.R)& pleading to be placed in the arms of a sweet angel where they can cover their sadness & fear with a world of pure freedom & beauty.As the young women closes her eyes & grabs onto the childs hand,
(T.S.)only to find that grasping too firmly causes the breaking of the bond she wished to form, only light can touch & beckon the trust she seeks,
(M.B) to understand, she must become the child she seeks; only then can she find true peace,
(T.S) floating centered in the joyful chaos of infinite life,
(C.G.) she silently seeks spaces submerged succiently sunder sundry souls.
(KLwrigh) Inside the beauty of a womb,
(LAN) the heartbeat silently pulsing,
(N.M) & if only love was as easy as it's made out to be,
(Whyldflower) the peace & light of a rainbow would forever touch upon her shoulders.
(Grace) We need never leave this womb of love we strive to build around us,
(W.D.) & laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.
(F.L.P.) When God and Man collide, the entertainment value can't be beat.
(S.F.) There are angels all around us,guiding us on our path,
(J.B) with just a kiss, & a bowl of apriocots,
(Janece) life and joy are reaffirrmed. The Mother Earth must be cherished as one cherishes the last days of childhood or the first days of adulthood,
(S.G) and we will build our heaven with things like this,
(B.D.) laughter of a small child, warm spring rain, summer thunder storms, autumn's smell of fallen leaves &,
(J.R.) thoughts of love, peace, empathy, desire, mischief & gladness.
(R.H) A fountain, a coin gently cast, a wish, a dream, oh that this could be my tomorrow,
(J.O.) As the sunbeam gently kissed my alabaster cheek...I knew I'd been brushed by the golden wing of an ANGEL!
(D.W) Sweet grass burning perfume, sweat lodge prayers for earths healing,
(L.A) we are the children of the selchie & come from the sea ourselves.
(J.B) Checking the affections inside an affliction of learning to see where compassion stands,
(D.N.) if only the sweet angels above could protect us from our own destruction of ourselves & of our beautiful planet,
(S.O.) the strength from within, to the thoughts for without,
(R.A) words unknown, feelings so real, love is near with my Angel's Seal.
(J.E.B.) Love is found in our soul, not how we love others or in others who love us, but how we love to stay healthy in spirit, mind & body,
(A.M.) we see the wind & feel our spirits glowing in the dark,
(D.K) as we generate our energy to the soul of the world & use the universal language to find our destiny through reading the omens & the help of inspiration, BLISS will become,
(D.C.) your mesmerizing, mellifluous melon balls,
(S.S.) in our natural state of consciousness,
(C.H.) letting our minds flow free; discovery. And the soul is pleased,
(J.J) crying out for more...release the outer torment & find the peace within.
(J.P.H.) Sacred space, sacred silence, do your part & end the violence,
(D.C.) to meet the heart's acquaintance,
(A.L.) who does not come. The roses by my window pluck themselves counting nights you are not here,
(J.S.) then ALL to one is realized as ONE, as the duality of BODY & MIND is syncronized,
(D.B) burning like an endless flame my lips, they thirst to call your name,
(O'Rear) across the midnight moon, swirled silver, satin, clouds......that night I dreamed,
(J.N) the angels' glow lightened the dark path guiding to daylight,
(M.L.) while sending blossoms of beauty to befit your call.
(D.D) The one becomes won in the body in the body, the mind in the mind, the breath inside the breath,
(K.D) when the Earth wispers a scream & an unknown forest will cry out in vain,
(S.L.) a rain cloud comes drifting over our lives, carrying the tears of God,
(Z.Z.) that it may flood into eternity the wisdom of life,
(C.S.) creating the only blissful & ecstatic reality of love.
(G. ) We will weep til our souls overflow ions of truth,
(M.D.F) a truth of love so real it will spread to all beings,
(C.) & don't let weeds grow around your dreams,
(U.I.) to care, to know, to love, to cry,
(L.N.) the rain glistens like jeweled dew drops on the white silken angel wings that make ready for flight into the misty morning,
(E.A) but whispers carry farther then words spoken aloud.
(M.L.) Inside my heart I find my soul, MYSELF,
(C.W) & in an open mind lies the gateway to ALL...'
(A.S.) wreathed in gold the angelic dance creates the love that heart desires,
(Destny) I am me, I love myself.
(S.N.) Don't dream your life - live your dream,
(K.D.) creatively & deep ponderings,
(Katia) will show you the way to your heart, then, close your eyes & find the serenity you've been looking for, the beautiful golden angel,
(G.B. ) shows a tear that cleanses the window to the soul & love binds all,
(S.K.) encircling connected love to the throne of the heart,
(A.S.) & encompassing in love all that is, & ever will be,
(Kweeny-) a firefly in your garden at twilight, sending his beacon to you in hopes that,
(Laxphun) you will receive him in the same spirit you have received my poet's soul.
(T.D.) Unity, all of the world can come together in harmony & love,
(C.O.) but first it must metamorphosise within your true & frightening self.
(Aynne) A hard look in the mirror & you"ll understand that what has passed is present,
(Pat) is also within you,
(Mouchk) searching the dark for light,
(Jeff) & without, throughout the all.
(Marcus) How can I green the dessert, when all I have is tears,
(Michael) knowing the book is open,
(Greg) but, lest we forget chaos, we may only influence small forms & only as one of millions,
(Lapeyre) if you dare to be different, if they laugh at your honesty & taunt you if your proud.
(Stephen) Ours is the courage to change, the courage to conquer fear, the courage for,
(Leona) pure love from the heart.
(Barry) Don't wait to tell someone tomorrow for they might already be gone,
(MSU) for their graves do not have ears, and tomorrow's sun may never come,
(ShiraZ ) but G-d Almighty sent His GreatSong of Universal Redemption,
(Brown) & nothing else matters.
(Faith) It cries for true love & everlasting happiness,
(M.S.) but I cannot come, my life has been spoken for,
(R.J.) upon life's landscape pocked & marred,
(She) yet I am driven to perceive, that I can shine. Yet only to expose the dull flicker of pride which is my own dream ... to be beautiful,
(Etgirl) in a room full of people,
(Alois) what a wonderful way of producing nonsense in a sea of sense & sensibilia,
(quem dlune) here something is within the inner door separate from the ghost of yourself & the nature of your being,
(Cynthia) desire, ask, believe, RECEIVE
(Cynthia) desire, ask, believe, RECEIVE!
(GJ) I can take you Only if you lend me your trust and plan!
(Erik) how i wish to die but will live for the purest form of love; my child
(Renee) If you can't Love me - I can love me
I''m not so lost in you that I don't  have the will to Love again
(Prisca) One can love oneself, and quickly we learn to love someone else. 
The world is beautiful created by two.
(D.P.) To love you for you is a perfect view
(S.S.) now if everyone would see that it's true there would be no more pain, no
more war
(J.P.)For love is the spirit, conducting effervescent hymns through the instrument WoMan,
(Hailey) Soft dewdrops on a early morning lily slowly departs from a hidden secret.
(M.C.) The shadows hold a thousand voices,I dance in the night with the window open.
(M.C.) The moon is light that all do see, Though maybe not the same.
The moon for me...Rises in your eyes and sets in the sky.
(A.A.) I am a tender magnet..very gentle
Drawing your love unto me..very mental..5000 miles apart ..and still in love
(Angel..) and drown you in this serene virtue of Earth's nectar that encloses you within me and find me
(A.) The way to one's soul is through their heart. the way to one's heart is though their mind.
(Silvamist) There is a place where the Angels meet, in our hearts pure and sweet.  To let them in, is Peace and Love, they come by way of a pure white dove.  Let us all begin to share in the joy that our angels bring; let our spirits soar to the light and let them sing
(Mindonaquest)For angels sift through the poet's brain...peeling back the skull's veneer...drunken dawn in a Mexican brothel...rabid dogs awkwardly mounting one another under the early sun...into my veins the spike of cold reassurance.
(Ananda)but what is reality if not just dreams cleverly disguised

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