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"Though we travel the world over to find the
beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The Story of Harp Magic"
The Music of Peter Sterling
Written by Jonathan Collins
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...At this time, I was living in my van in the canyons outside Sedona. It is an extraordinary wilderness area - very powerful energetically. As I explored these canyons I noticed a marvelous silence there and an incredible presence. I began to spend time meditating, sitting on brick-red rocks by gurgling creeks. As I progressively allowed my mind to quiet, I began to hear what seemed to me the sounds of some kind of celestial music, an angelic choir. My hearing began to alter so I could perceive more - instead of the third eye opening it was as if a third ear was opening.

"The music was orchestral, with strings and choir, on a stupendously grand scale. Grander that anything I’ve heard on earth. Many mystics have talked about this - the music of the spheres.

"Around this time, I began to feel that this music was wanting to come out of me. It needed to flow through me and be expressed. I had never mastered an instrument before, although I’d always been musically inclined and had a good ear for music. I had this musical talent bottled up in me, but I hadn’t found an instrument with which to express it. Finally, after thirty-two years, as I listened to this inner music in the Arizona wilderness, I discovered what my instrument would be - the harp...
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"Angels of the Sea"
by Michele Gold
Several years ago, I began to have very lucid dreams with one motif in common. Dolphins invited me to join them. Right. I had always been fascinated by dolphins. I lived in Hollywood, was terrified of deep water and boats, and I was absolutely broke. Above all of this I did not have a clue where to go or how to begin. I knew one thing. I had to be with them. I had no choice. The dreams became more and more vivid. Families of wild dolphins beckoned me to follow follow my heart. I ended up at a lecture by Dr. John Lilly, who was famous for his work with dolphins, and I shared my dilema with him and he told me to go to the Bahamas. I asked if he could me more specific, and he replied, yes, go to the bahamas. I left feeling baffled but at least I had a place in mind. Within three days I received phone calls from people I did not even know, informing me of places to be with dolphins, but all of these places held dolphins captive... I wanted to be with wild dolphins. That day a magazine came with a two sentence blurb about a research study with wild dolphins! Bingo! I grabbed the phone, my heart pounding and dialed... I was crushed to find a one-year waiting list... I guess many other people were having those dreams, but I gave my name and expected a miracle. Using my photography skills, I created a line of greeting cards and they began to sell. I trained for three months by swimming and treading water for hours to build-up endurance and strength to keep up with the strong ocean currents and the acrobatics of the dolphins. Each night in meditation, I gave a flower from my heart to the dolphins. By the time I received a call for a cancellation that made it possible for me to go to the Bahamas, I had sold exactly one thousand cards...exactly what the trip would cost. The first time I hit the pure crystal aqua water I was surrounded by three wild Atlantic Spotted dolphins. As one of the young males bounced his sonar, I felt a gentle form of electricity flowing through the core of my body, sheer bliss, pure love, ecstasy. There was eye contact like old friends that have not seen each other for a long time, but have never forgotten. As we played, two dolphins were gracefully moving the snow white bottom sand with their rostrums. The encounter ended and as I watched their beautiful bodies disappear into the lucid sea I was left dumbfounded by the sight of a perfect, symmetrical flower that the dolphins had etched into the sand below me. The idea that all of life is connected is such a profound and unknowable concept and in that instance it became known and true. A meditation teacher I studied with told me that dolphins and whales were teaching humans unconditional love. I believe that dolphins and whales are angels of the sea.
This excerpt is from the beautiful August/Sept.issue of Angel Times Magazine

"My Necessary Angels"
by Ingrid Maria Middleton
The still small voice that beams and beckons from within- guiding us and helping us to find our way home.. She crept in my sleepy room, Ah the sun, it's morning! My stillness Blends with steamy vapors and the taste of fennel tea. Sunday hours dwell in my head sketching, drafting her eyes, her hair as the wind blows through the shutters and a new day paints the walls. Her face begins to dance in the corners of my bristle brush and my soul turns to acrylic. Silver and white outside the borders a little here a little there. Now they are the cushions where I slept fluffy cotton clouds they touch each other, now on paper and in my heart. The small cat jumped on my lap as I recall her wings with a mixture of silver and white now dripping from my fingers. The flutter of their touch now featherstroked on the canvas, turn to brilliant light as I listen to the wind and as the borders become silver and white and my thoughts turn to sun.

"The ClayAngel Journey"
by Michelle Withers
One evening I was sitting playing with a piece of white sculpting clay someone had given me. After 30 minutes I was holding an angel with arms stretched outward, arms & wings being one. This rough looking angel spoke to something deep within myself, which was loving & encouraging me to continue practicing this sculpture, until I had it so beautiful that they would inspire others.
I am not a trained artist but I was becomming very spiritual at that time & felt that I was channelling when I did anything artistic. I trusted an inner urging of a heavenly presence to share these visions I had of the angel sculptures.
So I embarked on a journey into trust & learning to listen to my angels (intuition) regarding my life & the making of these angels. It seemed that the better I got at listening, the more wonderful spirits joined in on the quest. I have many angels with me all the time now & I can discern the difference between many personalities. They each have a different reason for working with me - all want these angels to heal, help & inspire.
The first 13 I made were very fragile & all were originals, made for individuals in mind. I mailed & gave all away - some as healing gifts for people I had never met. I could sense things about the spirit of the people I was making them for & would share this experience with those I gave the angels to.
When I started working on the final angel which was intended to be the first in the collection & would be made into a mould, I started having very profound experiences with my angels. Seeing, feeling & knowing their love for me & the peoples of the earth. Sharing a river of powerfully loving & healing energies, they opened me up to the possability of heavenly communication. They have cleansed me of many old hurts, easily bringing me out to feeling brighter & more complete. Able to help others even more for having being made more whole.
I worked very hard at making this angel exactly as my inner angels wanted her to be meticulously filing until the exposed area was exactly as *they* wanted her to be.
One evening while I was sitting by myself with a grouping of candles & my angel, I was comtemplating all the work I had done on her during the day. I was looking at her freshly - as the new angel she had become over the course of the day. Again, they showed me what needed to be done to her the following day to make her perfect. I was getting discouraged, more work!! I had thought she was finished. I sighed a deep heavy sigh... As soon as this feeling was in my gut only took a moment to feel my heart drop. I felt quite clearly a hand on my arm. I opened my eyes & saw nothing but felt comfort being infused into me. I felt another hand on my back & then another on my knee & leg. Another holding my head (hands on forehead and back of my head). These felt like I was really being held my many many arms & hand, comforting me, making me feel OK, gently. Then I felt as if the hands were gone, all except the first one which was on my arm and I felt a huge wave of energy, like someone was covering me with a blanket & the wave was the breeze created by the blanket being thrown over me.
I was being hugged by my angel :-)
This I sensed & the blanket feeling was her wings or her energy field or maybe it was just what *she* felt I needed at that moment to be held. My husband had been away for 5 days on a business trip at this time & I was in desperate need of a hug from someone other than my kids (I run a home daycare & get many hugs & kisses every day).
The next day, I finished making her & started the process of getting moulds made & reproducing her in porcelean - something I have never done & frankly was a little more than apprehensive. My angels gave me so much encouragement to carry on with this wild dream for people to own & listen to the guidance of this beautiful porcelean heavenly angel.
She still speaks to me, as I do the pouring & the fine sanding before the firing in the kiln. Many of them have symbols in the skirt & hair which I feel are intended for the people who will buy her. If you look at her & be patient, she will speak to you in whichever way you can receive her message. She will encourage you lovingly to grow in peace & love. She is 4 3/4 inches tall with a wing span of 6 inches.

"Halos from Heaven"
by Darlene Dancy

On Dec.6th, 1999, at 3:32AM, I was suddenly awakened from my
sleep. I wanted to go back to sleep, but I couldn't. All of a sudden I
heard this poem, in my head.  I've never written or thought about writing a
poem in my life. So, I grabbed a piece of paper & pencil and began to
take dictation: This is what I heard.

Traveling through the universe, all their wings a chime,
Stretching the winds through eons of time.
Whipping pass the stars ablaze,
with a mission in their hearts someone to save.
Now, I know it's hard to believe,
there are angels assigned to you and me.
Behold, Joy with a Heavenly Bliss.
GOD, has dispersed his Angels, to help straighten out the mess.
Have you every seen something, but it was not clear.
You looked into their dimension, and saw them near.
Never mind your manners, you can speak with them too.
You can start by saying "Welcome and I LOVE YOU!
Angels vibrate pure love energy, they flutter and receive deeply inside.
Send love back to them, with you they'll always reside.
With outstretched wings, heartfelt love and care.
Just do your part, your Guardian Angels are always near.
If you are truly blessed, you'll see them one day.
To GOD Be The GLORY, remember the Angels when you pray.

"We Know that one..."
(This true story is dedicated to Mother and Son)
Copyright by W. Weston Jolly

On a clear summer day a grieving mother slowly drove through the cemetery to again visit the gravesite of her teenage son.  On occasion there would be other visitors around but normally the serenity of the sanctuary was a private place where mother and son could again reunite.  Today was different with noise coming from kids rummaging through a nearby garbage can pulling out dead flowers by the handful.

Irritated at the messy sight and thinking of the possibility that these youngsters had been the ones responsible for missing flowers from some of the graves she walked toward the children.  "What are you doing?" she briskly announced thinking further about the angelic ornament that had disappeared by her only child's grave.  The small bunch of children turned as one young voice said "...putting flowers on our grandmother's grave."

Still wrestling with the physical and emotional loss of her son's suicide her irritation only slightly subsided.  Now wanting to be alone with her own grief she looked with annoyance at the dirty flowers that had been removed from the trash.  She stood awkwardly still while another child said "we have given other graves flowers too..." as her eyes followed the finger of the youth pointing to a flurry of flora that extended three times the width of another plot.

Without any hesitation an 8yr old boy dressed in ragged clothes then asked "Who are you here to see?"  The mother's aloofness was now softening when another question quickly following the first "...which one?"  The woman then pointed gently to the special place where her son lay.  "Over there next to the bench" she said softly.  "Oh, we know that one..." came the perceptive reply.  Momentarily pausing in awe she continued, "I need to go and sit on the bench to talk and pray with my son" she said managing only the smallest edge in her voice.

The children dispersed into the woods just yards away from the bench as the mother began her silent prayers.  In between solemn thoughts she noticed the business of the children gathering leaves and old discarded wreaths in the near distance.  As if on cue, the small clan again appeared now at her son's graveside with hordes of old dried bouquets.  The only girl stood in front of the group holding a filthy white rose with mud all over the once pretty ribbon.  "We brought your son some flowers" she said.

With few words they covered the gravesite in a mound of flowers.  Soft correction was given by one of the three boys as he said "don't stick in the flowers too hard into the ground."  The woman began feeling unconditional sentiment as she sat in silence watching the event.

Then unexpectedly, the four children lined up facing the grave opposite of the bench when the small girl turned her head to the others and said "Are you ready?..." and then in unison they dropped to their knees preparing to pray.  The mother's feelings of aloneness no longer protected her love as soft salty tears dripped and caught the edge of her mouth.

Still catching teardrops with her hands while driving away from the cemetery, she suddenly became aware that she had witnessed the miraculous angelic hands of mercy that she had been praying for.  The messy gravesite of scattered flowers, which was once perfectly groomed, is additionally honored for the authentic love of the angelic caretakers who have yet to be seen again.

"Angels on our Path"
Copyright by S. Renee Antoine

On several occasions I have been blessed to edure an encounter by my
Gaurdian Angels.

My first encounter came approx 15yrs ago. I am now 31. Me and a couple
of girlfriends had been hanging out after school and driving around town
like teenagers do. It had start getting late. And since I  was the
driver I had
decided to start driving  my friends home.

In taking our first girlfriend home she lived  near the Skyline in our
city. Which meant driving up a steep and curving hill all the way up to
her house. After taking her home I had to drive down the same road that
we drove up. But for some reason the road was much darker going down
then driving up. As I drove into pure blackness I couldn't see the road
ahead of me.
I then without thought stopped the car and proceeded to get out of the
car and what my eyes saw next was unbelivable, At that very moment the
car was stopped directly on the edge of cliff that had a drop that was
at least 100 feet or more.
If I had continued to drive I truly beleive that  you wouldn't be
reading this story at this very moment.

As a teenager at that time I beleived in luck and of course I expressed
luck with my friend after that experience.

Now that I am a grown woman with life experiences behind and ahead of
me. I now realize that it was nothing but the work of my Gaurdian
I never wrote this story publicly but I have shared it with friends in
encouragement to believe that there is something much higher then the
human eyes can see. I know that in my Heart and Soul.... Praise and
Thanks to my Angels and God above.

"An Angel's Touch"
Copyright by Allison

I've never done anything like this before but here goes.  I suffer from
depression and had a very stressful time recently regarding my teenage
daughter.  I cant say i was at an all time low because the depths that
depression take you to have no bottom but i was lying in bed one night
wondering how much more i could take.  I felt so scared and alone,words
dont do justice to the feelings i was going through.

All of a sudden a
breeze blew along the entire length of my body, it wasn't cold, it wasnt
warm,it had no temperature.A feeling of sheer peace and contentment
swept over me like i had never experienced before.  Not one part of me
felt any more sensation than the other, it was total peace.

 I fell asleep
almost straight away and didn't stir all night.When i awoke the next day
i had to think about what had happened,i couldnt explain it and ever
since i have longed to feel that way again.The problem that had put me
into such a turmoil slowly faded away.

I believe an Angel touched me and
will always believe it.

"Dream Angels..."
Copyright by Lisa Killion

After 10 years I couldn't believe I was finally pregnant, and with the girl I had always prayed for! Unfortunately at the same time we found out my uncle was dying from lung cancer. I had gone up to see him while I was pregnant
and he was anxious to see her before he passed away. When she was only 3 weeks old my mother and I started on the long drive to bring my baby girl to see my favorite uncle. We were all so sick we decided to turn around
and try again next weekend.

I had heard stories about angels and how when babies smile in their sleep it's because the angels are talking to them. A couple days before we were due to head back up I woke up in the middle of the night and watched with
tears in my eyes as my daughter laughed and giggled and smiled in a way I had never seen before. The look of pure joy on her face could only be for one reason. I knew my uncle had come to see her. I received the call a few
hours later that he had passed away right around the time I awoke to see my daughter talking to her uncle who was now her guardian angel. I couldn't bring her to him, so he came to see her on his way to heaven.

My daughter is now 4 years old and knows all about her guardian angel, her great uncle Randy, and how he came to see her and how he is now in heaven watching over her. She is the light of my life and I am so glad that I was
able to witness the miracle that night, it has eased my guilt of turning back, thinking I still had time. I didn't. But I know he saw her and I thank God every day for both of them and I still can't believe how lucky I am to have had
them both in my life. And now I think twice about having all the time in the world. I take the time to express love, thanks, and share my feelings with those I care about. Especially now as I face my own mortality.

"The Teddy Bear with Wings"
Copyright by Guillain Mae Garcia

I dreamt that yesterday was my b-day, I recieved a teddy bear.
The teddy bear was white and it had wings.
From all my teddy bears in my dream it was my favorite.
And in my dream i keep all my teddy bears in the closet.
Then one night I wanted to sleep with my teddy bear.
But it was not in my closet. So I was worried.
But when I looked up there it was flying, and there was 5 small teddy bears
near it and they were white and they had wings too.
But I just simply woke up. But that was the nicest dream I ever had

"My Angel Aunt"
Copyright by Jenn Blakeney Borjeson

My favorite aunt, auntie Judy, passed away when my son Trevor was only a
few months old.  I was crushed, but thrilled that she had been able to meet
Trevor.  Auntie Judy's specialty was knitting, and, true to form, she knitted
a beautiful yellow baby blanket for my son.
     My husband worked nights at this time, and slept during the day.  So as
not to disturb his sleep, I would blow-dry my hair in Trevor's bedroom.  One
day I was vacuuming Trevor's bedroom and I hooked my blow-dryer onto his crib
to avoid sucking the cord up into the vacuum.  I forgot about it.  That
night, I tucked Trevor into his crib at the usual time, around 8:00 p.m.
Normally I would check on him before I went to bed, around 10 or 11.
However, this night was different.  Not half an hour passed when I had this
urgent feeling to go check on him.  As I tried to shrug it off as "first-time
mom jitters"  I suddenly heard a voice in my head scream at me,
I had goosebumps and ran upstairs to check on him. As I entered
his bedroom, I heard a whirring noise.  I walked to his crib and saw my baby
boy sleeping while the blow-dryer was turned "on" in his crib.  The only
thing between that hot blow-dryer and my precious baby's skin was auntie
Judy's yellow baby blanket.  I believe if she hadn't told me to check on him,
it would have caused a fire.
     Trevor is seven years old now, and knows that auntie Judy is his
guardian angel.  He talks about her all the time, about how much he loves her
and how much she loves him.  I love her and miss her very much, and I will be
forever grateful to her for saving Trevor's life.

"Angel Celestina"
 by Barbara

I am a spiritual reader, writer and inspirational writer.  I bring comfort to
many people by my spiritual reading and by praying to my
angels.  I have written a poem about my guradian angel.

Last week, I was at an Angel Channelling class and the one
angel that I made contact with was Celestina.  She showed me my poem and
magnified it in front of me and very magically she placed a beautiful gold frame
around it.  Then she softly whispered "thank you" in my ear.    I always believed in angels and now I can honestly say that I have proof.
Here is the poem she showed me:

             Dear Guardian Angel Watching Me
             Help me believe what I cannot see
             Please let me know that you are real
             Help me believe what I can not feel
             If You have wisdom you want to share
             Help me believe what I cannot hear
             If I should be near a tainted well
             Help me believe what I cannot smell
             If the forbidden fruit is near my face
             Help me believe what I cannot taste
             Please watch me and guide me along the way
             And be kind to me on my judgement day
             And when I feel that no one cares
             Help me believe that you are right here
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