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    There is nothing we have to do to be God, we already
are God. The truth is to know the God within each one of us
and see that it connects us altogether - in one force - a force
of love.
     This book is designed especially for that purpose - to
remind you of your "soulfulness" and that you are part of a
spiritual fabric, weaved together with love. I know that with
each passing day, more and more people are "getting it" -
getting in touch with their spirit and becoming more aware of
God in themselves and others. The love can be seen pouring
out of a stranger's eyes, and there is a silent communication
of knowing and understanding.
     That is my hope - to live in a harmonious world where
people are living moment by moment in accordance with
     Everything in this book you probably already know, and
that's the point - it's to remind you of the truth. This
obviously is the truth as I know it to be: my personal beliefs
and what I have come to understand, but I hope there is a
universal quality that you can connect with as well. I'm
trying to present these truths in a very basic, bare-bones
manner, so that wherever you are on your spiritual path,
you'll be able to understand and use these perspectives in
your day-to-day life. You might use this book as a spiritual
shot in the arm - a daily inspirational dose, starting one day
by reading one of the 28 perspectives and looking at that
day's event's through that point of view. The next day,
choose another perspective. If you're going through another
one of life's challenges, remind yourself of these truths and
you'll know you're not alone and you can handle everything
with more strength and love.
     When it comes to spirituality, all we really have is our
beliefs. There is no tangible proof of spirit, no evidence of
how our souls got here and where they go when we die. But
some of the greatest minds of our times: Plato, Socrates,
Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Louisa
May Alcott, Robert Frost, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Herman
Hesse, Walt Whitman, Voltaire all believed in the soul and a
"life hereafter", and have written extensively about their
similar beliefs.
     From all the metaphysical books, priests, spiritual
guidance, meditation, prayer, churches, poetry, family,
friends, lovers, healers, trance-channelers, psychics or
personal experiences, we individually reach a truth that
makes sense for each of us.
     Through all of these methods and more, I came to
understand my own truth. In the beginning, I was raised
following the religion of Judaism, went to temple every
Friday, studied at Hebrew school, and even had a bar
mitzvah. As I delved deeper into my studies, I began to
question many things I heard: I had problems with all the
inducement of guilt and fear, and overall, I felt unconvinced.
In face, I was pretty skeptical about the whole "religious
     I grew up in a doctor's household where everything
could be explained in a rational, logical way. That way of
thinking was a comfortable security blanket to wrap around
myself - where the world was black and white, good and bad,
right and wrong, dark and light - a place where what I saw
was what I got. When I was 14 years old, the world as I
knew it completely changed. My beliefs shifted altogether
after my brother died - what happened next forced me to get
up from under that security blanket and discover a whole
new world.
     A few days after my brother's death, my family and I
were sitting Shiva (the Jewish ritual of mourning where
people come to your home and help you with your mourning
by literally taking care of you). About 20 of us were sitting in
the living room, talking about my brother, Mark, when I felt
something unmistakably touching my shoulder. I felt
goosebumps all over my body and I began vibrating with
     I looked over my shoulder and I saw nothing, but there
was this enormous, doubtless sense, this feeling, this
wordless intuition that my brother was touching me. He was
right there! It went against everything I had been taught and
believed, so I was petrified to think about what was really
happening. I grabbed my aunt's arm (she probably still has
the scars from my nail marks)! Seeing that I was frightened,
she calmed me down and brought me back to "reality".
     A few months went by - I was still in mourning and had
basically tried to forget that experience. It was simply too
frightening to think about what I had actually felt. I was
eating with my sister in a restaurant, and once again, we
were having a very deep conversation about my brother.
Suddenly, it felt like an earthquake hit us! From the tips of
my toes, all the way through my head, I felt immense
vibrations move throughout my entire body. Goose bumps
were running up and down everywhere. In an instant, I
looked around at everyone in the restaurant, and to my
surprise, no one else was reacting: the next instant, I looked
back at my sister.
     My whole body felt like a strong wind of tingling
electricity was passing through it. Again, there was an
enormous sense of deep feeling, of intense emotion, of pure
LOVE. I openend my mouth and simultaneously my sister
and I spoke the same words, "It's Mark"!
     We could feel the true essence of my brother! We could
smell him, hear him, feel him. Mark was there! It was as if he
was flying through the center of our beings!
     My live changed forever.
     From that moment on, it was as if a door had opened in
my mind - a door to God. I've since had dozens more
"spiritual" experiences that were so real, they proved to me
"tangibly" that we have souls and those souls live on after we
have physically died.
     Throughout my life, I've also experienced extraordinary
moments where time has seemed to stop. The first time
happenend while I was at UC Berkeley. I was pursuing my
major in Dramatic Art Literature and fulfilling a dream of
mine of performing at The Greek Theater. It was a famous
place I had heard so much about, but had never actually
been. Walking in the entrance for the first time, I marveled
at the large columns of granite and the perfect seats of stone.
I turned around and there was my friend, Cecilia, practicing
her fencing moves.
     All of a sudden, I couldn't see what was in front of me. It
was as if someone had a remote control to my mind and they
had changed the channel to a different image. The image I
saw was so vivid, so real, that no one can explain it away. I
saw myself in a coliseum - the sky was so thick with smoke
that its darkness seemed to turn the day to night. I knew I
was seeing myself but I saw an older man, tall and strong in
stature, dressed in armor. In my arms was what I knew to be
my son, dressed in similar garb. He lay limp in my arms, his
blood flowing over me. He was dead, and I knew that my
enemies had killed him as revenge on me. The depth of my
grief was immeasurable.
     In another instant, the image snapped away and my
friend Cecilia had reappeared. I knew intuitively that Cecilia
was my son in that vision - I was her father!
     I looked at her and started to cry; it felt like years of
pain were dissolving as each tear fell to the ground. I knew
without a doubt from the very depth of my being that Cecilia
and I had lived before!
     We were together before.
     Our souls had been linked in time.
     She was here with me now, but I knew we were a family
hundreds of years ago.
     That is when I knew that my soul would never die. I had
lived before and I will live again. We all will live forever.
     The more I lived, the more I experienced, and the deeper
my spiritual foundation grew. I began looking at each day as
a gift, absorbing as much of life's knowledge as I could, while
getting more and more in touch with my spirit and the spirit
that connects us all. The journey is a never-ending one, I'm
simply on my path exploring.
     Wherever you are on the path, I hope you continue
moving forward. Perhaps one day, we'll meet on the path,
and be able to look in each other's eyes, and know that we
both "get it". So put one foot in front of the other and let's

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