To Believe

What we believe is perhaps the most
powerful thought we have.
Our beliefs are ours, they make us who we are,
We go out into the world with our beliefs
and it makes us see the world
in our own special way.

It's like a pair of glasses that we wear,
our own unique pair,
styled just for us,
a perfect fit.
These glasses are very powerful,
they can make us see a beautiful world,
or a cruel world.
A loving world,
or a hateful world.

We can see the world as a land of great riches,
with trees of green leaves that blow in the wind,
of clouds that travel by with a quiet peacefulness,
of mountains in the distance, majestic and grand.

Or we can see something else.

We can see people, of all shapes and sizes,
with all the same spirit.
We can see life all around us,
in the beating wings of a bird,
in the loving eyes of a child,
in the beauty of a smile.

Or we can see something else.

We can see a life filled with opportunity,
with many places to explore,
many fascinating people to meet,
each place,
each person,
a new world to discover,
with so many lessons to teach us.
Each path,
each person,
a new journey to take,
with so many adventures to learn from and enjoy.

Or we can see something else.

We can see so much
Or we can see something else

We can see so much
or we can see so little.

I like my glasses.
I like what I see.
I like what I believe.
I like my glasses.
They're mine.
They're me.

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