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Creating Safe, Respectful, and Beautiful Places for Animals to Live in Peace

"Until he extends his circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace."
                                                                                                            Albert Schweitzer 


The Angelnet Animal Fund
A sacred bridge between animals and humankind

"Faith is the bird that sings to the dawn while it is still dark."

Mission Statement

The Angelnet Animal Fund  functions as a bridge between animals and humankind in which every living being will be honored with kindness, respect, and dignity. The primary goal is protection and conservation of endangered, threatened and rare species. The secondary goal is education and awareness via web, film, television, books, magazines, art, music, public speaking and presentations.
The Angelnet Animal Fund is dedicated to providing sanctuary, safety, nurture, protection and sustenance, creating vast opportunities for learning and higher understanding from the intelligences contained within nature. The intention of The Angelnet Animal Fund is to assist animals in their environments, so that all living things will have the unimpeded ability to enhance the life and health of the entire ecosystem. A commitment to Nature through compassion and harmlessness will be the core philosophy.
The Angelnet Animal Fund is based on the idea that animals deserve to live their lives in peace and that every life is vital, no life is too small, to be important, to be  f r e e.
The Angelnet Animal Fund provides a valuable and urgent link between people, businesses and Nature acting as a bridge in which individuals and businesses can give back to the planet and provide a deep and satisfying sense of meaningful service through funding vital and dynamic individuals, projects  and organizations who assist animals and are in need of such support. The Angelnet Animal Fund grants businesses the opportunity to create significant positive life-affirming publicity that distinguishes companies that display a significant commitment to the environment which can be a powerful statement in building and maintaining a popular and sustainable business.


Our  Favorite Heroines and Heroes!!  Real -Life Angel Work!!

The Angelnet Animal Fund locates worthy, visionary and extraordinary individuals and organizations that have devoted their lives and energies to important projects which are in need of funding to continue their fantastic efforts. Here are a few stunning projects that we have donated to and believe in:

ALL CREATURES Provides a shelter for abandoned and injured cats
Alliance for Climate Protection Providing smart solutions to the climate crisis
Alley Cat Rescue Works to protect cats on several levels: locally through rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of cats and nationally through a network of Cat Action Teams
Alternatives for Research and Development Foundation Animal testg is crude, wastefl and cruel. We provide scientific solutions to the problem of primitive animal research methods. Help us stop needless animal suffering
American Eagle Foundation Dedicated to protecting the majestic Bald Eagle, the USA's National Symbol, and its habitat by supporting and conducting eagle and environmental recovery and education programs
American Land Conservancy Conserving the landscapes that represent the very best of our ecological, scenic, recreational, cultural and agricultural resources.
American Red Cross (Hurricane Relief) Helps communities during emergencies and sheltered/fed people affected by Hurricane Katrina
American Red Cross International Services' Response to Japan Tsunami Supports the Japanese Red Cross in their response to the impact of the earthquake and tsunami disaster.
AmeriCares A disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization providing immediate response to emergency medical needs for all people around the world
Animal Ark Animal Ark, a non-profit organization, is a wildlife sanctuary and education center. Since 1981, Animal Ark has provided a safe haven for injured, abandoned and otherwise non-releasable wildlife.
Animal Charities of America Protecting pets, wildlife and endangered species. Teaching people to treat animals with respect. Humane training of animals as helpmates and companions to people in need.
Animal Place Founded in 1989 Animal Place is one of the oldest and largest sanctuaries for farmed animals in the country.
Animal Protection Institute A fantastic group that protects many animals via advocacy
Animal Welfare Institute has been alleviating the suffering inflicted on animals by humans since 1951
American Cetacean Society ACS is the oldest whale conservation group in the world, which protect whales, dolphins, porpoises, and their habitats through education, conservation and research.
American Land Conservancy conserves landscapes that represent the very best of our ecological, scenic, recreational, cultural and agricultural resources for people and wildlife
Animal Acres Animal Acres is a farmed animal sanctuary and compassionate living center
Animal Place Nonprofit sanctuary for abused and discarded farm animals. Rescued animals share 60 acres of forest, meadow, pasture, hills and small lake.
Animal Rescue Foundation A No-Kill shelter dedicated to bringing animals and people together
Animal Rescue Site Help us provide a no-kill shelter for abused and abandoned animals--emergency services to people and pets in times of hardship through crisis intervention
Anxiety Disorders Association of America ADAA is dedicated to informing the public, healthcare professionals and legislators that anxiety disorders are real, serious and treatable. The ADAA promotes the early diagnosis, treatment and cure of anxiety disorders, and is committed to improving the lives of the people who suffer from them.
ARF saves dogs and cats who have run out of time at public shelters and brings people and animals together
America for the Arts is a national arts education public awareness campaign
Best Friends The pioneer organization for no-kill sanctuaries and humane centers, caring for 3000 animals daily.
Bioneers A forum for connecting the environment, health, social justice, and spirit
Born Free, USA Advocates for the protection of animals from cruelty and exploitation.
Bright Haven A non-profit organization dedicated to the well being of senior, disabled, and special animals.
Brittany Foundation Rescues, rehabilitates and cares for dogs
B.R.R.R.O. Provides a shelter for abandoned, abused & injured burros
Canine Companions for Independence Enhances the lives of children and adults with disabilities by providing highly-trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships.
Chimp Haven A sanctuary for terribly abused retired laboratory research chimpanzees
Circle of Life Founded by Julia Butterfly Hill, through education, inspiration and connection, honors the diversity and interdependence of all life
Coalition for Clean Air Endeavors constantly to restore clean air to California
Compassion Over Killing Animal Advocacy organization dedicated to stop the abuse of animals
Conservation International Conservation International (CI) works to ensure a healthy and productive planet for us all.
Dedication and Everlasting Love for Animals A sanctuary for animals
Days End Farm Horse Rescue Fostering compassion and responsibility for horses through intervention, education, and outreach.
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International dedicated to the conservation and protection of gorillas and their habitats in Africa.
Doctors Without Borders Delivers emergency aid to victims of armed conflict, epidemics, and natural and man-made disasters, and to others who lack health care due to social or geographical isolation
Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans (NEADS) train and provide rescued dogs and donated puppies to assist people who are deaf or physically disabled in leading more independent lives at work, at home and at school
EarthTrust is one of the world's most effective wildlife conservation organizations.
Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter Downing Industrial Park A shelter finding homes for cats and dogs
The Elephant Sanctuary Provides a wild, natural US home for injured and retired circus elephants.
FARM Stop factory farms and slaughterhouses from cruelly abusing innocent animals. Fighting to improve health, protect the environment, and save animals by promoting meat-free diets.
Farm Sanctuary Rescues, rehabilitates, and provides life-long care for hundreds of animals. Wages
effective campaigns to stop animal cruelty.
Fauna Foundation Creates a protected environment for neglected, abused farm and domestic animals and former biomedical research chimpanzees.
FORGE Forges global connections between students in the developed and developing world, creating networks for sharing and transfering of resources, ideas and understanding.
Foster Parrots Foster Parrots, Ltd. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and sanctuary of unwanted, languishing and abused captive parrots and other displaced exotics.
Friends of Animals Free animals from cruelty and institutionalized exploitation. Working to stop euthanasia with our spay/neuter programs. Promoting Animal Rights. Promoting vegetarianism. Protecting animals in need!
Friends of the Asian Elephant Cares for injured, abused and mal-nourished Asian Elephants. Once rehabilitated, they return them to their Natural Habitat.
Forest Guardians Preserves and restores native wildlands and wildlife
Gabriel Foundation is a non-profit promoting education, conservation, rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and sanctuary for the needs of parrots everywhere.
Garuda Sanctuary The care, feeding and shelter of their aviary sanctuary of precious birds neglected by previous guardians.
Golden Retriever Rescue rescues and finds loving homes for hundreds of ill and injured, and elderly Golden Retrievers.
Greyhound Pets of America finds homes for Greyhounds that have had to live their entire lives in dog races.
Guide Dogs for the Blind Creates a profound partnership between person and dog - and help to unleash the potential in both of them
Habitat for Humanity An organization famous for providing and building homes for homeless people
HALO HALO Animal Rescue is a safety net for thousands of homeless dogs and cats each year
Hearts United for Animals No-kill shelter and sanctuary with national rescue network for abused animals, providing shelter for pets of domestic abuse families, National Anti-Puppy Mill Campaign.
Home at Last A very special sanctuary for animals
Human Rights Campaign Fund Works for equal rights by lobbying the federal government, educating the public, participating in election campaigns.
Humane Farming Association Leads campaign against factory farming. Protects veal calves and other farm animals from cruelty, and consumers from misuse of antibiotics. Operates nation`s largest animal sanctuary.
In Defense of Animals They fight for the rights of animals and to end the torture, maiming and suffering.
Intl Bird Rescue Center IBRRC serves to mitigate the negative human impact on aquatic birds and other wildlife
Intl. Exotic Animal Sanctuary Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals
International Paruresis Association Educates the public, as well as helping those afflicted with Paruresis (shy bladder syndrome - one of the most common social phobias)
International Rhino Foundation Dedicated to the survival of the world's rhino species through conservation and research.
Island Dolphin Care Offers dolphin adventure and educational programs to critically ill, terminally ill nad disabled children.
Jane Goodall Institute Advances the power of individuals to take informed and compassionate action to improve the environment for all living things
JOJO Dolphin Project Protection of JOJO and other Lone dolphins around the world via research, film and presentations
Kenwood Wildlife Center Promotes wildlife stewardship through education
Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue Dedicated to saving American mustangs and domestic horses from abuse, neglect & slaughter
Little Brothers, Friends of the Elderly Relieving isolation and loneliness among the elderly by offering friendship and celebration of life
Marin Agricultural Land Trust Preserving and protecting farmland
The Marine Mammal Center Rescues and treats ill, injured and orphaned marine mammals & returns them  to the wild
Milagro Foundation supports under-represented and vulnerable children and youth in the areas of arts, education and health (Carlos Santana Foundation)
Mighty Mutts Takes stray animals off the street and finds them homes
Narada Michael Walden Foundation serves, inspires, educates and provides financial support to children, adults, muscians and worthy organizations through music.
National Breast Cancer Foundation Researches new treatments and programs for women with breast cancer
NEAVS Works to replace animal experiments in laboratories and classrooms with ethically and scientifically responsible modern research methods
NYC Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund Contributions to the families of the Firefighters lost on Sept. 11th
Obsessive Compulsive Foundation Educates the public and professional communities about OCD and related disorders; provides assistance to individuals with OCD and related disorders, their family and friends; supports research into the causes and effective treatments of OCD and related disorders.
Ocean Alliance Helps protect and preserve the marine environment.
Orangutan Foundation International They protect the Orangutan from extinction and the preservation of its rainforest.
Pacific Marine Mammal Center Cares and rescues sea lions and other Marine mammal life.
PAWS PAWS advocates for animals through the operation of a companion animal shelter, a wildlife center, and an advocacy department.
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Through education, outreach and activism, they fight to end the torture, maiming and suffering of animals. helps support thousands of animal organization memebers by raising funds for them, to increase the number of homeless pets adopted
Pet Rescues by Judy Fed and sheltered homeless pets due to Hurricane Katrina
Pets for the Elderly The Pets for the Elderly Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity that pays a portion of the adoption fee, when a senior citizen (persons age 60 ) adopts a companion pet from one of our 52 participating shelters in 29 states
Polar Bears International Help polar bears survive threats of climate change and industry resulting in loss of their habitat; assist our global efforts to save them from extinction.
The Primate Freedom Project The Primate Freedom Project, established in 1999, is dedicated to ending the use of nonhuman primates in cruel and harmful experimentation.
Project Open Arms Gives Personalized Teddy Bears to children separated from their loved ones
Rainforest Birds Protects the last flock of precious Lear Macaws in Brazil
Noah's Wish Rescues and shelters animals during disasters (Hurricane Relief)
Release Chimpanzees Working to end experiments on chimpanzees. Promoting non-animal research and teaching methods. Supporting sanctuaries for chimpanzees rescued from laboratories
Rocket Dog Rescue Saves homeless and abandoned animals from euthanasia
Ryan's Well A young boy Ryan, drills wells and raises funds so villages in Africa have clean water.
Salvation Army Hurricane Relief Provided aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina
Save A Bunny A leader in rabbit rescue efforts, as well as a model for building effective partnerships with animal shelters and community groups, such as the Girl Scouts
Save the Manatees This charity was started so the public could participate in conservation efforts to save endangered manatees from extinction.
Sea Sheperd Conservation Society Actively protects whales, dolphins and seals from senseless slaughter.
Sea Turtle Restoration Profect Fights to protect endangered sea turtle populations
Second Chance Rescue Rescues mixed-breed puppies and dogs from animal shelters, so that they won't be killed to give them a much-deserved second chance at life.
September 11th Children's Fund Provides for the Children of the families that lost their lives September 11th.
Snow Leopard Trust the world's leading authority on the study and protection of the endangered snow leopard.
Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) Homeless cats and dogs wander every neighborhood - destined for suffering or euthanasia. Please help us reduce the overpopulation of unwanted animals through sterilization and education.
Special Olympics Empowers individuals with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition.
Too Many Bunnies We are dedicated to finding loving forever homes for domestic animals that have been abused, abandoned or neglected.
Unicef (For Tsunami Relief Efforts) Provided relief efforts for the hundreds of thousands of children and families affected by the earthquake and tsunamis.
United Animal Nations Dogs cruelly neglected, sick and confined in crates. Cats scared, injured and alone. United Animal Nations helps bring animals like these out of crisis and into care.
United Poultry Concerns We stick up for chickens - the most abused land animals in the world - and we are dedicated to the compassionate treatment of them.
Vegan Outreach Dedicated to exposing and ending the suffering of farmed animals by promoting ethical eating through widespread distribution of our booklets 'Compassionate Choices' and 'Why Vegan'
Wildaid provides direct protection to wildlife by strengthening parks, stopping the illegal wildlife trade and reducing demand for products made from endangered species.
WildCare Terwilliger Nature Education provides care for for ill, orphaned or injured wild animals and returns them to their woodland and seashore homes. Education and outreach too.
Willows Animal Sanctuary provides a lifelong home for over 300 neglected and ill-treated domestic, farm and wild animals. We take animals that are unsuitable for re-homing elsewhere and consequently we represent their last hope.
Wyatt's Ruff Rescues An 11 year old, with his toothfairy and allowance money began saving the lives of over 100 animals
Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program A program, including National Hotline, to prevent people from committing suicide

And many more!

All funding will be generously mentioned in all media relating to the project funded. All projects will be profiled and displayed prominently on so potentially hundreds of thousands of people will find out about the great work being accomplished and the wonderful people and dynamic companies that are financing them. Every effort will be made to hyper-link in a reciprocal fashion.

The Angelnet Animal Fund intends to end suffering of the unsung heroes, the ambassador animals that have been injured, suffered tremendous pain, neared extinction and death, due to man's gross negligence and devastation of natural habitat. It is time to reverse the damage by honoring these magnificent beings with our support, protection, care and compassion. It is an urgent time for action, it is up to us, the time is now.It is time to embrace our role as guardians of this magnificent planet.

Thank you for choosing to act in a manner that is visionary, worthwhile and infinitely honorable.
Warmest Regards,

Michele Gold
President and Founder
The Angelnet Animal Fund

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"In all things, even in the most recondite mysteries of the soul,
 nature is the first and finest of teachers."
Thomas Moore

Michele Gold
Founder of  The Angelnet Animal Fund, and Special Haven is animal lover, acclaimed fine art illustrator, author, musician, and web pioneer, Michele Gold, who has experienced a profound connection with animals since she was a small child. Michele feels that it is her mission to serve as a bridge of compassion between animals and humans. "There exists tremendous healing and wisdom from animals, they are incredible teachers of unconditional love, harmony, beauty and joy." It is her dream that Special Haven will become a new model for Compassionate Sanctuaries all over the world, Finally, breaking through the illusion that animals and humans are separate, only then will we live in harmony with Nature.
As a high profile artist and author, Michele will promote the philosophies of The Angelnet Animal Fund as a new quintessence for easing the suffering, and death of untold numbers of  animals' lives devastated and endangered by the ravages of human destruction and loss of natural habitat. It is Michele's belief that we must look into the eyes of an animal and see the very precious, invaluable, and unique soul inside of every living being...animal, human, it is always life, always an essential individual that is entitled to a free, full life.

Gregg Liebgold
Multi-talented brother and business partner, Gregg combines a dynamic and diverse background encompassing banking, investing, management, customer relations, publicity, marketing, product development, web programming  and fine art consulting. He accomplishes everything with an exceptional level of excellence, meticulous attention to detail, all supported by his tremendous intelligence, warmth, and compassion. Gregg delights in building authentic relationships with a great deal of care and individual consideration.
Gregg is also an accomplished author, photographer and world traveler and is dedicated to making a qualitative contribution in the lives of others.

"The next level of our spiritual journey must be based on the practice of gentleness and kindness, within ourselves and with all living beings. Until we end cruelty we will not find peace, we will only find Peace when we cease to create suffering."

Michele Gold
The future of the planet and all living things is in a metamorphosis from destruction to the re-creation of the Soul Garden. A sacred bridge between humankind and nature forming a conscious co-creative partnership will ultimately allow us to reach a higher level of understanding of our selves and our inextricable relationships within the precious and interconnected web of all life. It is essential at this time to honor our role of custodianship of this beautiful planet. This awareness and action is needed immediately to reverse the devastation of habitat and loss of precious species.

"The significant problems of the world cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness at which they were created."

Albert Einstein