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V.J.:A housewife and manager of a bed and breakfast.

Agoraphobic, virtually trapped in her house; could not use an escalator; could not speak in public and had not been to a movie in twenty years.  Experienced severe panic attacks at night.  Had every medical test imaginable and all were normal.

After completing the ten-week course, her panic attacks stopped.  She conquered her fear of escalators.  She traveled without significant fear.  She attended her first movie in twenty years and shared this with the next class in a stand-up delivery before fifty new classmates.  A beautiful speech was met with thunderous applause!


L.C., A Secretary:

Agoraphobic who could only travel to work; was actively drinking; could not fly or travel on trains or buses.  Her stage fright was so severe that she burst out crying when asked to describe her level of fear in the class by uttering one number between one and ten.

She has now flown alone.  She went to Disneyland!  She sings in the church choir now.  She sang on commercial television! She also now teaches Sunday school.  She recently hosted a picnic to celebrate one year without a drink.  She presented a twenty-minute oration about her accomplishments to an audience of fifty!
J.J., A Pilot

A private pilot who could fly his own plane, but could not fly in a commercial airplane.

Postcard received after completing class:

Dear Dr. L:
The flight in an old noisy C-130 was a piece of cake.  Some fear rehearsal the night before.  Thanks so much for your support!


Fear of flying and Claustrophobic

Postcard received:

Just a note to say thanks for giving me back my life.  The plane trip was great and I even slept in a strange bed all night in a hotel with no windows.  Thanks again!


Agoraphobic with chronic pain.  Fear of heights.  Pain so severe, she couldn't leave the house.

Postcard from Denver:

First time out of town in a year.  I was even able to spend money on myself with an anxiety level of zero.  Love, JT

One year later, Photo mailed:
Picture of J.T. halfway up a mountain.  Untethered, she had taken up rock climbing.

C.L., A Banker

Fear of elevators and severe stage fright, of speaking in public

"Graduated" when she progressed from a one-story elevator to riding to the top of the 104th floor of a skyscraper.  She also joined Toastmasters.  On her first attempt to speak, she stood up, no words came out, and she sat down.  Four months later, she won the award for best speaker.  She now represents an international organization and speaks to audiences of thousands!

Height phobic.  Couldn't attend company events for fear of being given a hotel room above the first floor. 

Postcard from Pismo Beach:
Dear Doctor:
I walked on these pathways over-looking the ocean and it was a piece of cake.  We spent three nights on the ninth floor of the Anaheim Hilton, enjoying every minute.  The windows were floor to ceiling - I loved the view!
M.B., A schoolteacher

Fear of flying and severe claustrophobia.  Unfortunately, her husband was transferred to London and she had only five weeks to surmount her fear.  With weekly telephone consults, she completed the course in record time at home.

Postcard from London:

Dear Dr. Liebgold:
Hurray! I made it! The flight went very well.  I used the techniques and mainly stayed between a fear level of one or two (of max. 10).  I thank you so much for your help, I use the tools every day.  Much love.

P.S. Tell your class if I did it, anyone can!


Severe social phobia, unable to shop or go to malls, could not use public bathroom because of fear of offending people with toilet noises, and problem with authority figures.


Hi Howie!
Went shopping at the mall.  Used Thought Stoppage a lot.  Went into public bathroom; locked door for the first time in years.  My fear level was around a two.  What a great feeling to relieve yourself without fear of embarrassment.  Love you, love life and most of all, I love myself!


Fear of water


Dear Howard:
I want to thank you and your phobia class for helping me to overcome my fear of water.  I thought it would be impossible to overcome.  I had almost drowned as a child and never went back into the water.

I began to go into the water and began to feel comfortabe blowing bubbles and having water in my face.

Miracles do happen!  But this was not a miracle.  I believe in myself now and have the experience of accomplishing the supposedly impossible.  I hope my life's experience will guide som of you to that special something inside yourself.  With love, K.W.


Elevator and height phobia


This is written from the top of the Eiffel Tower! I could not do this the last time I was here.  The course has helped in many ways on this month-long trip of Europe.  Best wishes

Y.G., a 13 Year old

Fear of germs and contamination.  Hospitalized for excessive washing  - 7 hours per day

Was able to shower once a day only.  Also showered in someone else's house, using their soap and wash cloth.  Returned to school for the first time in two years

Fear of travel, planes heights, people, crowds, water

Postcard from Hawaii:

Aloha Howie:
You would be so proud of me.  I am staying on the ninth floor of the Sheraton Princess.  The elevator rides have been wonderful.  I have a fear level of zero!  Went snorkeling today (my forty-first birthday) for the first time in my life.  It was amazing! Thank you!
U.C., An ambulance attendant

Fear of elevators.  He would bring the patient into the hospital on a gurney; load the patient into the elevator and then race up the stairs as high as seven flights to take the patient out of the elevator

Was soon able to ride elevators comfortably to the twenty-third floor.  He now is completely comfortable at work and his patients thank him for it!
G.S., A high school senior

Fear of beling alone.  Her parents had not been able to go out for over a year.  She was terrified because she was supposed to go to college in the Fall!


Dear Dr. Liebgold:
Well, I made it!  I want to thank you for all the techniques and exercises that have helped me start a new life!  I'm sitting in my dorm room at the college academy with an anxiety level of zero! 

Sounds pretty crazy for a girl who didn't spend a night away from home for over a year. Tell your class if I can do this, they can do it too!


Fear of driving, travel and heights

Postcard from Napa

Dear Dr. Liebgold:
The drive here was a piece of cake.  I never felt over a level two.  We went up in  a glider, around the mountains, and over the valley.  It was a delightful fantastic experience!  It made a hot air ballon ride seem tame.

Three months ago, I couldn't have done any of this.  So I have you to thank, Dr. Liebgold. Thank You

There are thousands more victories!  Phobias are easy to cure.  We hope your Victory is next.

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