There are many phobias, but all phobias can be cured.

No matter what phobia you have, your phobia is 100% curable.  I'm Dr. Liebgold and I suffered from many different phobias for many years.  I finally found a simple cure, and honestly, it was life-changing.  So I have dedicated the rest of my life to helping others with their phobias.

Here is a list of the most recognized phobias:

Ablutophobia : Fear of washing or bathing
Achluphobia :  Fear of darkness
Acousticophobia : Fear of noise
Acrophobia : Fear of heights
Aeroacrophobia : Fear of open, high spaces
Aeronausiphobia : Fear of airsickness
Aerophobia : Fear of drafts, air, gases
Agoraphobia : Fear of open spaces
Agraphobia : Fear of sexual abuse
Agrizoophobia : Fear of wild animals
Agyiophobia : Fear of being in the street
Aichmophobia : Fear of needles and other pointed objects
Ailurophobia : Fear of cats
Algophobia : Fear of pain
Amathophobia : Fear of dust
Ambulophobia : Fear of walking or riding in vehicles
Androphobia : Fear of men
Anthrophobia : Fear of people or human society
Antlophobia : Fear of floods
Anuptaphobia : Fear of staying single
Aphenphobia : Fear of being touched
Apiphobia : Fear of bees
Arachnophobia : Fear of spiders
Arsonphobia : Fear of fire
Asthenophobia : Fear of fainting
Astraphobia : Fear of lightning
Atychiphobia : Fear of failure
Autophobia : Fear of being alone
Aviatophobia : Fear of flying

Bacteriophobia : Fear of bacteria
Basiphobia : Fear of walking
Bathophobia : Fear of depths
Batrachophobia : Fear of frogs
Bibliophobia : Fear of books
Bogyphobia : Fear of bogeymen
Brontophobia : Fear of thunder

Cacomorphobia : Fear of fat
Cacophobia : Fear of ugliness
Cainophobia : Fear of newness, novelty
Caligynephobia : Fear of beautiful women
Cardiophobia : Fear of heart disease
Carnophobia : Fear of meat
Catagelophobia : Fear of being ridiculed
Catapedaphobia : Fear of jumping from high to low places
Cenophobia : Fear of empty rooms
Chaetophobia : Fear of hair or hairy objects
Cheimaphobia : Fear of the cold
Chionophobia : Fear of snow
Chorophobia : Fear of dancing
Chrematophobia : Fear of money
Chromatophobia : Fear of colors
Cibophobia : Fear of food
Claustrophobia : Fear of confined spaces
Climacophobia : Fear of climbing stairs
Clinophobia : Fear of going to bed
Coimetrophobia : Fear of cemeteries
Coitophoiba : Fear of sexual intercourse
Contreltophobia : Fear of sexual abuse
Coprastasophobia : Fear of constipation
Coprophobia : Fear of dirt or feces
Coprastasophobia : Fear of constipation
Coulrophoiba : Fear of clowns
Cremnophobia : Fear of precipices or cliffs
Cryophobia : Fear of extreme cold
Cyberphobia : Fear of computers
Cyclophobia : Fear of bicycles
Cymophobia : Fear of waves
Cynophobia : Fear of dogs
Cyprianophobia : Fear of prostitutes

Decidophobia : Fear of making decisions
Defecalgesiophobia : Fear of having painful bowel movements
Deipnophobia : Fear of dining
Demonophobia : Fear of demons
Dendrophobia : Fear of trees
Dentophobia : Fear of dentists
Dermatopathophobia : Fear of sking disease
Diabetophobia : Fear of diabetes
Didaskaleinophobia : Fear of going to school
Dinophobia : Fear of dizziness
Dipsophobia : Fear of drinking
Dishabillophobia : Fear of undressing in front of someone
Domatophobia : Fear of being in a house
Dromophobia : Fear of crosssing streets
Dysmorphophobia : Fear of a bodily defect not noticeable to others
Dystychiphobia : Fear of accidents

Ecclesiaphobia : Fear of churches, organized religions
Eisoptrophobia : Fear of mirrors
Eleutherophobia : Fear of freedom
Emetophobia : Fear of vomiting
Enochophobia : Fear of crowds
Entomophobia : Fear of insects
Epistaxiphobia : Fear of nosebleeds
Equinophobia : Fear of horses
Eremophobia : Fear of being oneself
Ergophobia : Fear of work
Erythrophobia : Fear of blushing
Esodophobia : Fear of losing virginity
Eurotophobia : Fear of female genitalia

Fibriophobia : Fear of fever
Frigophobia : Fear of cold things

Gamophobia : Fear of marriage
Geliophobia : Fear of laughter
Gephyrophobia : Fear of bridges
Gerascophobia : Fear of growing old
Geumaphobia : Fear of tastes
Glossophobia : Fear of speaking in public
Graphophobia : Fear of writing
Gymnophobia : Fear of naked bodies
Gynephobia : Fear of women

Hamartophobia : Fear of committing an error
Harpaxophobia : Fear of becoming a victim of robbery
Hedonophobia : Fear of pleasure
Heliophobia : Fear of sunlight
Helminthophobia : Fear of worms
Hematophobia : Fear of blood or sight of blood
Herpetophobia : Fear of snakes and reptiles
Heterophobia : Fear of opposite sex
Hobophobia : Fear of bums
Hodophobia : Fear of travel
Homiclophobia : Fear of fog
Hoplophobia : Fear of firearms
Hormephobia : Fear of shock
Hydrophobia : Fear of water
Hygrophobia : Fear of dampness
Hylephobia : Fear of epilepsy
Hylophobia : Fear of forests
Hypengyophobia : Fear of responsibility
Hypnophobia : Fear of being hypnotized
Hyprophobia : Fear of sleep
Icthyophobia : Fear of fish
Ideaphobia : Fear of ideas
Illyngophobia : Fear of vertigo, feeling dizzy looking down
Iophobia : Fear of poisons
Isolophobia : Fear of solitude or being alone
Isopterophobia : Fear of termites

Kakorrhaphiophobia : Fear of failure
Katagelophobia : Fear of being ridiculed
Kathisophobia : Fear of sitting down
Kleptophobia : Fear of stealing

Lachanophobia : Fear of vegetables
Lalophobia : Fear of stuttering or speaking
Leprophobia : Fear of leprosy
Leukophobia : Fear of color white
Ligyrophobia : Fear of noise
Lilapsophobia : Fear of hurricanes or tornadoes
Limophobia : Fear of lakes
Litigaphobia : Fear of litigation or lawsuits
Lockiophobia : Fear of childbirth
Logophobia : Fear of words
Lunaphobia : Fear of the moon
Lutraphobia : Fear of otters
Lygophobia : Fear of being in dark or gloomy places
Lyssophobia : Fear of becoming insane

Macrophobia : Fear of long waits
Mageirocophobia : Fear of cooking
Mastigophobia : Fear of punishment
Mechanophobia : Fear of machinery
Megalophobia : Fear of large objects
Melissophobia : Fear of bears
Meningitophobia : Fear of brain diseases
Menophobia : Fear of menstruation
Merinthophobia : Fear of being tied up
Meteorphobia : Fear of meteors
Methyphobia : Fear of alcohol
Misophobia : Fear of contamination with dirt or germs
Monophobia : Fear of being lonely
Motorphobia : Fear of automobiles
Musophobia : Fear of mice
Mycrophobia : Fear of small things

Necrophobia : Fear of corpses or dead bodies
Nephophobia : Fear of clouds
Noctiphobia : Fear of night
Nosophobia : Fear of illness
Novercaphophobia : Fear of stepmother
Nucleomitophobia : Fear of nuclear weapons

Obesophobia : Fear of gaining weight
Odonophobia : Fear of teeth
Odynesophobia : Fear of pain
Olfactophobia : Fear of odors
Ombrophobia : Fear of rain
Oneirogmophobia : Fear of wet dreams
Oneirophobia : Fear of dreams
Ornithopia : Fear of birds
Ouranophobia : Fear of heaven

Pagophobia : Fear of ice or frost
Panphobia : Fear of anything and everything
Panthophobia : Fear of suffering
Papaphobia : Fear of the Pope
Papyrophobia : Fear of paper
Parasitophobia : Fear of parasites
Paraskavedekatriaphobia : Fear of Friday the 13th
Pareunophobia : Fear of sex
Pathophobia : Fear of illness
Peccatiphobia : Fear of sinning
Pediaphobia : Fear of dolls
Pediculophobia : Fear of lice
Peladophobia : Fear of bald people or becoming bald
Peniaphobia : Fear of poverty
Pentheraphobia : Fear of one's mother-in-law
Phagophobia : Fear of eating or swallowing
Pharmacophobia : Fear of taking drugs or medicine
Phasmophobia : Fear of ghosts
Philemaphobia : Fear of kissing
Philophobia : Fear of love
Phobophobia : Fear of fears
Phonophobia : Fear of speaking aloud, speaking one's own voice
Photoaugiaphobia : Fear of glaring lights
Pnigophobia : Fear of choking
Pogonophobia : Fear of beards
Politicophobia : Fear of politicians
Potamophobia : Fear of rivers
Proctophobia : Fear of rectal diseases
Pterophobia : Fear of feathers, birds
Pyrexiophobia : Fear of having a fever
Pyrophobia : Fear of fire

Radiophobia : Fear of X-rays
Rhytiphobia : Fear of getting wrinkles

Satanophobia : Fear of Satan
Scolionophobia : Fear of school
Sciaphobia : Fear of shadows
Scopophobia : Fear of being stared at
Selaphobia : Fear of flashing lights
Shamhainophobia : Fear of Halloween
Sitophobia : Fear of eating or the sight of food
Sominphobia : Fear of sleep
Soteriophobia : Fear of dependence on others
Spheksophobia : Fear of wasps
Stygiophobia : Fear of Hell
Suriphobia : Fear of mice
Syngenesophobia Fear of relatives

Tabophobia : Fear of wasting sickness
Tacophobia : Fear of speed
Taphophobia : Fear of being buried alive
Testophobia : Fear of taking tests
Thanatophobia : Fear of death
Theophobia : Fear of God
Termophobia : Fear of heat, being too warm
Tomophobia : Fear of surgical operations
Toxicophobia : Fear of poison

Urophobia : Fear of urinating

Vacciniophobia : Fear of vaccinations
Vestiphobia : Fear of clothing
Virgivitiphobia : Fear of rape
Vitricophobia : Fear of stepfather

Xenophobia : Fear of strangers
Xerophobia : Fear of dryness

Zelophobia : Fear of jealousy
Zoophobia : Fear of animals

Compiled from "The Encyclopedia of Phobias, Fears and Anxieties", 2nd Edition, Ronald M. Doctor, Ph. D. & Ada P. Kahn, Ph. D., 2000, Facts on File, Inc.

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