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We Are God: A Spiritual Guidebook by Gregg Liebgold
We Are God: A Spiritual Guidebook by Gregg Liebgold Quantity in Basket: None
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This book reminds us of how special we are, just by be-ing alive. Its 28 chapters can be used as different ways to perceive yourself and others in a new light. No matter what level of spirituality you're at, this book tries to speak in very basic terms, with very simple techniques to get in touch with your "spiritual side", help conquer fears, to learn to meditate, interpret dreams and have more loving relationships. When I was a young teen, my brother died, and soon after he passed on, I felt his spirit flow through me. It was unmistakably him - I knew with every sense that he was with me, that the soul lives on, that we are spirit first and foremost and that human beings are definitely of mind, body and spirit. That experience changed my life forever! I speak about this experience and many other spiritual beliefs of mine in this guidebook, a book that lets you get in touch with your soul.

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