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Conquering Anxiety
Art by Michele Gold
Gifts - Angels, Art and Music
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Spiral Perception
Spiral Perception Quantity in Basket: None
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Price: $150.00
"I've always had a very strong connection with butterflies, with their stunning beauty and their graceful flight, which reminds me strongly of dolphin's beauty and their artistic dance of movement. When I was young, I used to guard my sidewalk and protect the caterpillars passing by. I took a struggling caterpillar inside, and made a home for it until it cocooned and soon transformed into a gorgeous butterfly. Setting it free outside was an experience I'll always remember." Here, a pair of dolphin soulmates, swim inside a heart-shaped butterfly, in this RARE, HAND-SIGNED 16"x20" Limited Edition Giclee, printed on Satin Stock, Hand-signed, of a series of 750, by multimedia artist Michele Gold. (In the expensive and meticulous process of a Giclee Print, a million sprays per second create a continuous flow of color, far superior to an ordinary lithograph. Giclees are highly sought after since they are the closest thing to an original that is possible!)

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