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Conquering Anxiety
Art by Michele Gold
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Overcoming Shyness: CD
Overcoming Shyness: CD Quantity in Basket: None
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Price: $16.00
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This CD teaches the specific tools to overcome shyness and shows you how to speak confidently in social and business situations. Dr. Howard Liebgold, M.D., a physiatrist, who overcame a claustrophobic condition of 31 years, discovered that shyness and phobias were linked. Becoming a comfortable and gifted conversationalist gives one even more ammunition to conquer other fears. Affectionately known as Dr. Fear, Howard Liebgold was chosen as California's Physician of the Year in 1991. During his medical career, spanning more than 35 years, he served as Chief of Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation, Head of the Chronic Pain Management Clinic, as well as teaching his phobia classes every week. Dr. Liebgold has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Unsolved Mysteries, Discovery Channel and PBS.

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