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Little Love - (Kaya)
Little Love -  (Kaya) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: Love6oz
Price: $5.99
Shipping Weight: 0.60 pounds
You will truly feel a "Little Love" with every bite of this delectable sweet spread. This is Chef Chong's signature dish and we are pleased to be sharing it with you. This is a wonderful 6 oz. sweet spread to have on a warm piece of toast, a hot roll, or add as a smooth topping to any dessert to give it a luxurious touch. From the islands of Malaysia, this "Little love" is known as Kaya, and was higlighted on the tv show, Top Chef, where Gail Simmons' review was that it was absolutely heavenly "and she wanted to stick her finger in it day and night, it was so sensual!" It brings back fond memories of the tropics, with a light hint of coconut, and is not overly sweet; it's just right. Spread a "Little Love" and enjoy!

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