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Conquering Anxiety
Art by Michele Gold
Gifts - Angels, Art and Music
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Life Spiral
Life Spiral Quantity in Basket: None
Code: LS
Price: $150.00
In the center of this piece lies a golden Triskelion, a Celtic symbol that represents the Maid, Mother and Crone. The Butterfly correlates with these three stages as caterpillar, to cocoon to winged wisdom. Each stage vital, unique and a part of the life cycle. The elder spotted dolphins have motted spots, wrinkled but lucid eyes, and their manner is meditative and knowing. Dolphins value life at every age, as seen in this RARE, HAND-SIGNED 16"x20" Limited Edition Giclee, printed on Satin Stock, Hand-signed, of a series of 750, by multimedia artist Michele Gold. (In the expensive and meticulous process of a Giclee Print, a million sprays per second create a continuous flow of color, far superior to an ordinary lithograph. Giclees are highly sought after since they are the closest thing to an original that is possible!)

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