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Conquering Anxiety
Art by Michele Gold
Gifts - Angels, Art and Music
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Samantha, A Story of Friendship
Samantha, A Story of Friendship Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $15.95
This book, for children and anyone young at heart, takes the reader on a magical adventure with every turn of the page! This collaboration brings together again the heartfelt words of Sergio Bambaren and the stunningly colorful illustrations of Michele Gold. Their first book created together, "The Dolphin, Story of a Dreamer" has sold a million copies worldwide. In "Samantha: A Story of Friendship", Samantha, a young girl, feeling alone and misunderstood in the world, meets a very special dolphin named Delphi. Delphi takes Samantha on a wonderful journey and their unique connection grows strong. Delphi shows Samantha how to listen to magical shells on a sparkling beach, and then introduces her to his friends, a Swordfish, a Manta Ray, a Turtle and more. Through all of these encounters, Samantha ultimately learns the meaning of True Friendship. A perfect addition to any children's collection of books or to anyone who likes a simple story with loving lessons for the heart, "Samantha" can be yours to take home now!

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